About Us

Passion for paging technology and finding solutions for customers. In the field of radio frequency communications we became an expert for paging systems, pagers, telemetry and other wireless solutions. Our products are used world wide for many years.

About Us

Ceyont is a specialist supplying call systems, push button system, pager systems and paging systems since 2008. A various range of wireless communication solutions that we supply to companies in branches like hospitality, retail, healthcare, industrial companies. Call systems with beepers and pagers to communicate to guests, customers, patients, or medical assistance.

A paging system is a transmitting module and a receiver. The transmitter module of the call system can be a call unit with push buttons or transmitter. These parts of the pager system can optionally be connected to your internal network. The receivers, you can choose from several pagers, text pagers and even a two-way pager. A call system works wirelessly over long distances, possibly it can be increased to a range of kilometers with a repeater.

All call systems that we provide are successfully used for many years and used worldwide. That's why you get two year warranty on all products and services with programming is included. No surprises, fast delivery, customized products and specialist advice.

Our products can be divided into four groups: Coaster Systems, Push buttons Systems, Paging Systems and Software. You can find products through applications categorized by business segment.

About Ceyont

More than ten years experience in the market for innovative wireless communication systems makes us a strong and stable player in this segment. Officially launched in 2008, we were at that time one of the first with these kind rf paging systems in the Netherlands. In meanwhile, many years later, there are several companies in the hospitality, retail, healthcare and industrial sectors which use our paging systems. This has given us the foundations for the future of our company.

Company details:

Ceyont BV
Impuls 7
1446 WC Purmerend

T: +31 (0) 20 240 55 65
E: info@ceyont.com

TAX: 859849120B01
KvK: 74310844 (chamber of Commerce number)

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